America Was Already Badass T-Shirt

America Was Already Badass T-Shirt

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The whole make America great again thing makes my head hurt. Correct me if I’m wrong, but circa 2016 America had democracy, HBO and Cracker Jack was still available at baseball games. (There are certainly other “Americaness” indicators, but the pros keep track of those. And by pros, I mean me trying to think of three things right at this moment.)

Remind people that no matter what the Twitter Troll in Chief may say, our America still stands for justice, peace and tolerance just like it always has. We’ve made our mistakes. A lot of them. But in the end, I’m damn proud to be an American. And I’ll let no one tell me that America needs to take a step backward. Ever!

Stand with your fellow Americans for justice for all. And, preferably, stand there in this awesome t-shirt.

All shirts from Anvil Cards are guaranteed to be soft and comfy. Our tri-blend Houston t-shirts and Texas-themed t-shirts resist shrinkage in normal washing so you’ll look and feel great. Each t-shirt is screen printed by local hands in Houston, Texas. All artwork on our shirts is original and local. 

(All rights reserved. Please don’t copy our work. We’re happy to get a shirt to you no matter the distance. Plagiarism is never cool.) 

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