Field Notes 56-Week Planner

Field Notes 56-Week Planner


It’s a durable planner that looks great, feels just right, and will hold up to years’ worth of your busy life without batteries, brand-sponsored Wi-Fi, or a monthly service charge loaded up with hidden fees.

About Field Notes:

In our humble opinion, Field Notes makes the best little notebooks around. The style is classic. They’re tough as nails. And they have so many special editions and fun products. Our kind of people. We offer a variety of Field Notes products on the site and in our greeting card shop in Houston.

From the very beginning, every Field Notes paper product has been manufactured in the U.S.A. From the paper, sourced from some of the finest mills in the Midwest, to even the inks used, the production of Field Notes has never required travel on a cargo ship or plane; just the roads crisscrossing the country.

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