Postal Jeep sale

We are so sad to see her go, but we need to make room for our latest show truck. Annie the postal Jeep served us well. She's a little hot in the summer time. She turns heads and causes traffic daily. And she loves slow drives. (Also, you're welcome for the new Tinder headlines.) She's the perfect vehicular companion for any Jeep lover. 

We're selling her via an informal auction. We'll end the bidding sometime in September. We'll make a formal announcement about that a little later.  Call the shop or stop by to see her in person. I'll have her at the shop most days.
Call ahead if you're driving in from outside of Houston - I'll make sure to have her here.



(there's also a "buy it now" price. we can talk if you're interested.)


about annie

She's a 1974 Jeep DJ5c. Cousin of the popular Jeep CJ5. There are a few main differences between the two models. DJ series (Dispatcher) lacks 4-wheel drive, has an automatic transmission and the hard top with sliding doors. This particular postal Jeep has the original motor and transmission as well as most of the original interior. I've added vintage-style bucket seats and changed out bushings, door seals and a few other minor things here and there to make her quieter and easier to drive. Annie has new wheel cylinders and a complete overhaul of the brake system. New spark plugs, solenoid, starter, fuel lines, coil, distributor, air cleaner and shocks round out the main improvements. And the carburetor was rebuilt several months ago. Full vehicle specs are below. Stop by and we can talk about her more, and you can see her for yourself.

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